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Information about Reno, Nevada

The city of Reno in NevadaWe are extremely proud that we can operate as mobile mechanics in our favorite city: Reno, NV. Maybe you disagree with us when we say that for us this is the perfect place in the entire USA to live, but this city is so close to our hearts that we cannot imagine ever leaving it. Both on a personal and professional level it has given us so much that it is our main goal to pay something back to the fantastic community here. We know that not all of you have ever come to Reno, so on this page we decided to introduce our favorite places in the city so you can get some insider information and also learn a few basic facts. We can guarantee that you will not regret if you decide to visit Reno!

Basic information about the city of Reno:

We are located in Nevada, this is the county seat of Washoe County. 

The city was named after a Union General called Jesse L. Reno. 

The estimated population of the city is 255,000. 

The first settlements were established around 1850 in the region. 

The biggest eployer of the city is the Washoe County School District with 8,750 employees. 

We are known as the Biggest Little City of the World. 

We are well known for our tourism and casino industry. 

Our mechanics are from:

Our favorite restaurants in Reno:

The Twisted Fork
Great Full Gardens
Two Chicks

Our favorite places in Reno:

Automobile Museum
The Discovery
Idlewild Park

Each year many of our friends are visiting us in Reno, because they just had so much good experience from their earlier visits. It is a normal thing that some of them spend some time in the local casinos, but you have to know, that Reno has so much more to offer if you are willing to spend some quality time with your family our friends over here. The restaurants are absolutely fantastic, and we also have many museums and exhibitions which are breathtaking and worth the visit if you are here. In case you are into something else, we have to tell you that Reno has got you covered, because we have such a diverse cultural life here. So no matter what you prefer to do in your free time, you can be certain that you will find it here in our city. In case you have further questions about your trip to Reno, make sure that you contact Mobile Mechanic Pros, we will be happy to assist you. Not to mention that if you experience any issues with your vehicle, we will be there to fix it in no time, we have so much experience in mobile auto repair services.

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