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Alternator repair & replacement in Reno, Nevada

starter replacement in RenoThe vehicle’s alternator is a complex module, because occasionally it is not easy to tell when this is the module that is not working as expected. Often our customers reach out to our mechanics, mentioning that their vehicle’s battery is dead, but the actual reason behind it is, that the alternator wasn’t functioning properly. Therefore occasionally an alternator replacement or fix might be essential in scenarios, when you’d routinely think that it has less to do with the issue at hand.

The auto alternator is accountable for re-charging the vehicle battery when the engine is running, so in case there is a problem with the alternator, then there is a serious chance that your battery gets drained and you will not be in a position to kick off your car. When this takes place, it’s crucial that you reach out to Mobile Mechanic Pros in Reno, NV so an individual from our mobile mechanics can examine your car and identify what exactly has to be performed.

Fortunately replacing an alternator is a routine undertaking for a mechanic and it can be carried out in about half an hour. At the other hand keep in mind, if you do not possess the experience of a trained mechanic, don’t try to do this , since you could be generating a larger problem for your family and your car if you are not performing it attentively. Every time you are not 100% confident what needs to be carried out with your automobile, it’s witchout exception wiser to call Mobile Mechanic Reno so our mechanics can help you with the mobile auto repair service you called for. In other cases you might need a starter replacement and we are also available for such requests. 

You will find multiple signals which are indicating that your automobile might need an alternator replacement. One of these is when you drive your automobile and all of a sudden your lights switch in strength, moving from very bright to dim. Another sign can be if there’s a burning odor in the car or when the radio isn’t functioning well or goes off and on. If the alternator is no longer suited to re-charge the vehicle battery, generally the car battery warning light becomes visible on your car’s dahsboard. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is highly recommended that you contact Mobile Mechanic Pros so we are able to inspect your vehicle and decide the best way to repair it.

Normally it is suggested that you replace your car alternator every 90,000 miles, but if you are not discovering any issues with it, then there is absolutely no reason to act anything about it. Nevertheless it’s suggested that you let a mechanic perform the regular checks on it during a scheduled maintenance car service.

The cost of a car alternator replacement is dependent upon your automobile’s make, year and model, so in case you need an alternator repair support, give a call to Mobile Mechanic Pros Reno and our experienced mobile mechanics are going to be delighted to give you an estimate for this type of auto repair service. Usually it’s between $300-550 (also including the components), but as mentioned, please consult us so that we can tell you the exact cost of the repair job.

We also recommend to choose a replacement alternator which has multiple Years of manufacturer’s warranty with it. Of course it is not impossible to spare a couple bucks with a lower quality alternative, but in the long run you will be slightly better off using a superb quality car alternator that can serve you for many years.

We at Mobile Mechanic Pros Reno are conscious it is not the most favourable scenario when you require alternator replacement or repair, therefore Mobile Mechanic Pros always makes certain that when our colleagues arrive to your automobile, you will receive the best possible client experience regarding this mobile auto repair assistance. The best part about it is that we could carry it out at your home or at your office, meaning that you don’t need to drive your automobile to a physical auto repair shop so as to get your alternor fixed.

Remember, Mobile Mechanic Pros is always there to assist you in the event you demand a vehicle alternator repair or another sort of mobile vehicle repair assistance.

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