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Car suspension repair in Reno, Nevada

on-site suspension repairWe offer a wide range of on-site auto repair services near Reno, NV. One of the popular ones is suspension repair. The main advantage of our service is that we come to you to fix your vehicle. This is convenient and saves you a lot of time.

We have suspension repair technicians that are certified in suspension repair service. We pride ourselves on offering high quality suspension repair services at competitive prices. Over the years we have gained the respect of customers from all parts of Reno, NV area for our fair pricing policy. We offer suspension inspection with free quote so you know exactly what needs to be fixed before we start suspension repair service near Reno, Nevada.

If your suspension system is squeaking or bumping, then it’s best to find out whether there’s a problem now before your suspension breaks down completely. Our suspension repair experts will examine the problem area and let you know what needs fixing and how much you should expect to pay for suspension service

Signs that your car needs a suspension repair:


– suspension clunking or creaking

The suspension system keeps the wheels in place and is a very important part of your vehicle. It allows for mobility and drainage, so without it you’d be stuck driving on flat tires. A suspension problem can cause all sorts of problems, including reduced handling, bad safety rating, poor performance on uneven terrain and suspension damage that can lead to accidents.

Is there a reliable mobile mechanic near me to fix my suspension?

Who can I contact if I need a suspension repair? Β Don’t worry, you can rely on us for suspension repair. Our mechanics have a lot of experience in suspension repairs and are fully equipped to handle suspension repair problems. Are your suspension parts worn from use? Do you need suspension inspection and suspension replacement services that will last as long as the warranty period? You’ve come to the right place! We provide suspension repair services at affordable prices and even offer special package deals including brake repair for your vehicle.Β 

We are Mobile Mechanic Pros Reno , we have been servicing cars in the greater Reno region since 2010. We offer state licensed suspension repair services at competitive prices. At Mobile Mechanic Pros Reno our mobile service trucks also come fully equipped with air tools to get any job done right.

The average cost of a car suspension repair in Reno NV

Mobile Mechanic Pros suspension repair can cost anywhere from $70 to $400, depending on the type of suspension and how bad it is. The suspension will need to be inspected before a proper quote can be given. It’s important that you contact us for suspension repair services in Reno so we can make sure your suspension works properly again. If the suspension bushings or ball joints are worn out, they simply need to be replaced , but if there is more serious damage such as torn spring coils, broken control arm bushings or ball joints, or suspension tear (which means metal has torn away from suspension parts), then the entire suspension needs to be replaced.

How long does an on-site suspension repair take in Reno?

Mobile Mechanic Pros suspension repair services are provided in the Reno/area . It depends on how extensive the suspension damage is. In general, suspension repairs don’t take too long and can be completed within an hour or two during most instances. Should your suspension experience serious problems such as metal fall away (tear) from suspension parts, it may take more time to get a replacement part ordered and installed by Mobile Mechanic Pros.

Comprehensive suspension inspection and quote

When you contact us for suspension repair in Reno we will ask if it’s okay to speak with your mechanic so we can receive a better idea of what’s wrong with your suspension . Our mobile mechanics will make sure all necessary components of your suspension work properly again after the issues has been resolved.

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