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Explore The Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum in Reno

The Discovery in Reno, NVThe Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum is a museum in Reno that aims to educate the public about the natural, cultural and scientific history of northern Nevada. Located on the University of Nevada campus, this museum features exhibits which allow visitors to explore topics such as geology, paleontology, archaeology and more! Call Mobile Mechanic Pros Reno if you need an auto repair technician. 

What are the most interesting things at the Discovery?

The Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum has an exhibit called “The Geologic Journey of Northern Nevada.” This exhibit takes you on a journey to explore the stratigraphy and fossils from this region. Fossils include mega fauna that became extinct at least 11,000 years ago!

Paleontology is also available in the Terry Lee Wells Museum with exhibits like “Exploring Extinct Creatures” which features dinosaurs such as Allosaurus Tenontosaurus Stegoceras Triceratops Edmontonia.

Is this museum interesting for adults as well?

Yes! Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum features an exhibit called “Reno’s Past – a History of Reno.” This exhibit includes major events that have taken place in the past, such as when Reno became the divorce capital of America.

What should you do before visiting this museum?

Before your visit to Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum, make sure to check out their website and social media platforms for more information on what exhibits are currently available. You can also contact them directly to schedule tours or field trips through email.

What is the address of the Discovery Museum?

Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum is located at 1250 North Virginia Street and open Tuesday-Saturday from noon to four p.m., Sundays from one to four p.m., and closed on Mondays, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.

How much does it cost?

Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum costs $15 for adults; free for children six years of age or younger with a caregiver present. There are discounts available for groups of 15 people or more as well! Check out their website for more information about these prices.

The Terry Lee Wells museum has something new every day – check the calendar often! You can also see what they have going on on their website, so it is worth to visit it before you go there.

What should I see there?

The Terry Lee Wells museum is a great place to go for children and adults. They have different exhibits throughout the year, so it will always be a new experience! There are also several interactive exhibits about Reno’s history that can help you understand more about this interesting Nevada location. One of my favorites was an exhibit on how Reno used to look like – it was really cool!

For kids, Terry Lee Wells has lots of hands-on activities as well as puzzles for them to work through! It’s easy for parents too because they don’t need any supplies or supervision if their child is under six years old. The best part is that Terry Lee Wells Museum takes school groups all day long.

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