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Reno Arch: An Icon of Reno’s Legacy

the Reno ArchThe Reno Arch is Reno’s most iconic landmark and has been a symbol of Reno for over 100 years. It was erected in 1926 to commemorate the completion of the transcontinental railroad. There are many interesting facts about this historic monument, but we’ll focus on three today:

1) The Reno Arch is one of only two arches in America that were built as monuments to celebrate the construction of a rail line (the other being the Gateway Arch).

2) When it first opened, people would walk into it and use it like an amusement park ride! They could even buy tickets from a nearby booth. And 3), before being painted white in 1986, the arch used to be red with gold stripes.

What is the exact address of the Reno Arch?

The Reno Arch is located at 200 South Virginia Street Reno, NV 89502.

Is there an entrance fee to visit the Reno Arch?

The Reno Arch is free for everyone to enjoy.

How tall is the Reno Arch?

The Reno arch is 137 feet or 42 meters high from base of pedestal on which it stands to top of spire point at tip of the apexed star. It weighs approximately 200 tons (200 metric tonnes) and was build by American Bridge Company as one unit – with no assembly needed!

What is Reno known for?

Reno was founded as a railroad town and has been nicknamed “The Biggest Little City in the World” even though it’s in Nevada not Texas.

When did Reno become an official city?

In 1905, Reno became an incorporated municipality with its first mayor elected that year. The city of Reno covers approximately 96 square miles (250 km). Population: 205,037 people – making it the second largest city in Nevada after Las Vegas.

Is the Reno Arch fun to visit for children as well?

The Reno Arch is a great place to visit for the whole family. The Reno Arch was designed by Reno architects John F Moore and William H Jauck, Jr., who were also responsible for designing many buildings in downtown Reno including the National Bank of Nevada (now Wells Fargo) building which has become a city landmark.

What does it mean that Reno’s motto is “Just A Little Different”?

Reno prides itself on being just a little different than other cities with its slogan ‘Just A Little Different’. This includes unique events like world-renowned Reno Air Races, action sports competitions Downhill Skateboarding at the University of Nevada’s Lake Tahoe campus and live music festivals attracting nationally known bands.

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